Veganuary with Holland & Barret

11th January 2023

New Year, new you? Holland & Barrett at The Quadrant are proud supporters of Veganuary, with unmissable offers across their extensive range of plant-based alternatives.

Whether you’re looking for delicious and nutritious foods, expertly formulated vegan vitamins to supplement your new diet, or sports and beauty products to feel good about, H&B have 100s of plant-based wellness solutions all under one roof.

They’ve made it easier than ever to enjoy a delicious and varied plant-based diet with buy 1 get 1 half price across the range this January. Explore the brands you love and discover new ones, plus, get free personalised advice from qualified advisors, to help find the products you need to help make going plant-based that little bit easier this new year.

Last year, more than 629,000 people worldwide officially signed up to go plant-based for Veganuary. If you are considering joining the movement in 2023, there are a few plant-based staples they recommend adding to your shopping list:

  • Good sources of protein. Beans, lentils, soy products (such as tofu), nuts, and seeds are all brilliant vegan sources of protein and nutrient-rich ingredients for vegan meals.
  • Vegan supplements. Although there are many tasty ingredients available to make a vegan diet nutritious and diverse, some nutrients are less prevalent in plant-based foods, such as B12, omega-3, zinc, iron, and iodine, therefore in some cases, taking a vegan supplement can ensure you’re getting enough of essential nutrient.
  • Yeast flakes. Add cheesy, umami flavour to any dishes where you’d normally grate on some cheese or parmesan. This versatile ingredient is commonly used in vegan cooking to provide a rare non-animal form of vitamin B12.
  • Plant-based dairy alternatives. It goes without saying that dairy products are called for in many recipes. Luckily you won’t have to miss out and you can get straight swaps for pretty much any dairy item you think you are missing! From single cream to authentically ooey-gooey camembert, the possibilities are endless.
  • Beauty Essentials. This may seem like a no-brainer but unfortunately, you might be surprised at just how common animal products are in skincare and makeup. Lucky for you, at Holland & Barrett, vegan beauty is their specialty! If you’re not sure where to start, their experts are on-hand with free advice to help you find the products you need to help make going plant-based that little bit easier this new year.

Looking for a bit more information on dairy-free swaps, the rundown on vegan protein sources, or a few more reasons to go plant-based this January? Check out Holland & Barrett’s guide to going Vegan here: