The World Reimagined at The Quadrant

26th August 2022

Meet Joshua Donkor, the artist responsible for designing The World Reimagined globe in the Quadrant

“I studied illustration at Cardiff Met and loved the experience. My work is very semiautobiographical, showcasing my experiences as a mixed-race person, balancing the different cultures, with the British from my mother’s side and Ghanaian culture from my dad’s side. It’s about trying to find that place of belonging, and so it was very therapeutic to be able to put this in my art.

“The World Reimagined project reached out to me with an amazing opportunity, and it was a perfect fit for the kind of work that I do. The title for my piece was Ancestral Foundations, Echoes in the Present. My interpretation of that was looking at the African communities here in Wales and exploring the connections to their identities.

“I wanted to look into Welsh and African identities as there’s so many different experiences, and this concept of double consciousness, which is the split between yourself when you’re a minority in a prejudice society.

“I spent three weeks working in the studio on the globe. The images behind the portraits include image transfers, and the images are taken from the city’s backgrounds, family members, and memories. This spans across many generations and their ancestors all the way up to modern day.

“The interviews with the portrait subjects (who are friends and people I know) really opened my eyes and gave me perspective on the conversation and hopefully my art does the same to others.

“All the globes have QR codes which link to more information about the overall project, the roots, and the trails. My globe has individual QR codes too, so when they’re scanned, you can hear the conversations that are behind all the portraits. It’s about their life, their experiences, and their ancestry.”

“I would really recommend going to see the globe trail around Swansea!”