Quadrant launches its inclusive Q Creative Club

22nd May 2019

An intergenerational workshop scheme is about to be launched at Quadrant Shopping Centre to encourage the physical, social and emotional wellbeing of the old, young and everyone in between.


Q Creative is a series of free, creative sessions, inviting people to come together to enjoy a wide range of arts and crafts along with stimulating activities that suit all ages and abilities.


The first event will be taking place on Friday 31 May in the Quadrant Shopping Centre’s main square. From 11am through to 3pm, visitors will be able to make their own windchimes for the garden, a mini-beast house or a bird feeder, all from recyclable items.


Lisa Hartley, Quadrant Shopping Centre manager, said: “Bringing people together of all ages to enjoy engaging activities has been proven to have so many mental health benefits for each generation involved. It’s not only a chance to share experiences and knowledge but it can bring renewed energy and enthusiasm to each other’s lives.


“This is the first time we have brought an event such as this to the centre and I’m sure it will be a perfect opportunity for grandparents, parents and children to participate collectively in a range of thoroughly entertaining activities.”


Q Creative will be running throughout the year with the next round of workshops taking place in August.


For all the information on Q Creative and other events taking place at Quadrant Shopping Centre, please visit www.quadrantshoppingcentre.co.uk.