Easter Egg Hunt at The Quadrant

30th March 2023

Easter is just around the corner and it’s time to get ready for the annual Easter egg hunt at The Quadrant! –  Thursday, April 6th from 11am

This annual tradition is eagerly anticipated by kids of all ages who can’t wait to put their egg-hunting skills to the test.

Ready, set, EASTER EGG!

Are you ready for a fun-filled Easter egg hunt adventure? Head down to the Bunny Patch near Krispy Kreme to meet Marshmallow and Pumpernickel – two adorable bunnies who are on a mission to become official Easter Bunnies! But they need your help… To officially get the title of ‘Easter Bunnies’, they need to hand out as many Easter eggs as possible at The Quadrant. However, they can’t release the eggs without the magic word. This is where you come in, can you help uncover the word?

Pick up a clue sheet from the Bunny Patch and begin your Easter egg search around The Quadrant for the 10 hidden eggs in shop windows. Each egg is stamped with a letter which will spell out the magic word. Once you have it, head back to Marshmallow and Pumpernickel, tell them the word, and you can claim your Easter egg prize!

You can even scan the QR code on the box for a chance to win £100 to spend at The Quadrant!

Calling all Easter eggs-perts!

So, grab your basket and get ready to join in on the fun, we’ll see you at the Bunny Patch on Thursday, April 6th from 11am!